Japanese Maple Tree Overview


Japanese Maple Tree Overview

Japanese Maple Trees are generally planted in the colder and hardier conditions of where you may live. For instance, this is a tree that prefers the morning sun and the shady afternoons. Finding a perfect shaded and cool spot will be ideal. Depending on how big one will want this tree will come down to the fact of pruning once to twice a year to keep it at the height and width you have chosen. This is an easily maintained plant.

Red Japanese Maple

Known for the brilliant crimson color attached to the leaves as autumn rounds the corner. Once the foliage starts to fall, the surrounding ground around the tree will be in dazzled with colors that are seemingly breathtaking. To bring a life of color to a walkway or generally to your yard, this tree is most desired since one can barely take their eyes off of the exquisite beauty that the Japanese Maple Tree holds.

Buying Japanese Maple Trees Online

Buying trees online is relatively easy these days.  There are many specialty nurseries online that can ship various plants to you.  There are also websites that sell a wide variety of trees & shrubs online and have huge inventories of plants.  If you are looking to buy Japanese Maple Trees then The Tree Center is a good option as they have a lot of varieties and sizes.


Buying a Japanese Maple Tree Locally

Being able to purchase a Japanese Maple Tree can come from your local Lowes (but I would check before hand) or the various family owned tree farms that you can find on the internet or near your city. Finding a place dedicated to real Japanese Maple Trees so you will not be fooled into buying a tree somewhat similar in looks, may take some research. However, in the end you will be grateful for studying and figuring out where to properly look. One could even go to their local flower shop and may ask about Japanese Maple Trees just to inquire and see if the owner knows a place or can hand out general information.


The care for this tree is all decided upon you, the owner. But here are a few tips as to include with your new delightful Japanese Maple Tree. Too much sunlight is usually the enemy with this plant, again morning sun and having a shady afternoon sun are the exact amounts it should have during the day. So planting on the east side of a home or garden would be best suited. Having a definite protection against any strong wind, so depending on where you live planting in a place that has a wind break would more than likely be the best spot. No matter what damp or moist soil is a must, almost like a Weeping Willow that has grown next to a lake, this little tree needs consistent moisture. But the soil must be able to drain properly as well, because if it doesn’t the possibility of root rot is high. Now take a look at your soil does it contain high volumes of salt, if so, you’ll pair better by planting in a planters pot. Another thing, have as much compost when planting the Japanese Maple

Tree because as young plants they are hungry; needing as much food as possible in beginning stages of growth.
Since the season is still technically winter, you’ll want to go out and brush off any snow loads that could be weighing down any branches. If not, you will run a real risk of branches snapping off. Then as spring moves in, this will be the hardest season to care for. Because at this time, they could suffer the late frosts that tend to happen a few times before winter has fully left your area. Once the season has settled, begin watering regularly.

During the summer if you notice that any of the leaves have begun to curl and dry out. This is an indication that too much sun has been affecting the tree. Just take notice over a period of time, if this keeps happening you may need to move the tree to a more shade reliant area.

Japanese Maple Tree


Caring For Japanese Maple Trees

Caring for the Japanese Maple Tree can be therapeutic in the face of everyday life. Knowing how to properly care and buy for one is essential. But know that once you’ve witness the seasons changing, the tree may take on a personality of its very own, the leaves changing in magnificent colors right along. The tree can become stressed out depending on what kind of weather that has been happening within the area you live in. Just keep this little tree happy and you will reap the rewards of beauty that the Japanese Maple Tree can produce.